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Professional Services Include:
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Brush Cleanup
  • Tree Planting
  • Fence Row Cleanup

    A Able tree care is a full service tree care company based in Springfield Missouri and serving all surrounding areas. As an ISA certified arborist with 20 years of experience, I bring the skill and expertise to provided top notch advice and care for your trees. Whether you are pruning your trees, removing dead or dangerous trees or planting new ones, we are the right fit in your yard.

    Whether we are able to reach your trees with our bucket truck, or if we need to access your trees with a highly skilled climber, we have all the tools and know how to get your tree job done safely and with minimal impact to your yard. You can be sure that all necessary precautions will be taken during and up to the completion of your job, leaving you a completely satisfied customer.


A Able Tree Care
A Able Tree Care

Tree and shrub pruning

    We prune to ANSI A 300 pruning standards, using all appropriate tools and safety equipment. As educated tree care professionals, we will only remove limbs as needed, to include dead or broken limbs, crossing or interfering limbs, or if limbs are encroaching on a structure or wires. And we will never use “spikes/hooks” to access your trees for proper pruning.

The types of pruning services we provide include crown cleaning, crown raise, crown reduction and tree cabling.

Crown cleaning

    The removal of dead, broken and crossing limbs, excessive sucker sprouts on the trunk, and weak or diseased limbs. It improves the structure, appearance and health of your trees.

Crown raise

    The process of raising the lower limbs by pruning them upwards or pruning them back to the main trunk to a specific height off the ground or over a structure such as a house or pool.

Crown reduction

    Reduction in the height and/or spread of a tree. We follow ANSI A 300 standards which dictates that is best practice to prune tips of limbs back to secondary limbs.

Tree cabling

    Needed when a tree has structural flaw, a split in the stem, or a codominant lead that may fail in a wind or ice storm. A cable may be installed the the upper canopy with a bolt installed below the weakened crotch. This would be an approach used in more valuable trees.

Storm Damage & Clean Up

    We are available 24 hours a day for emergency tree care.

Tree and shrub planting

    Tree planting is a service we only provide during the cooler months, insuring your new plants the best opportunity to thrive. In addition, as a skilled arborist, I can help you choose the appropriate tree for the space and to meet your needs.

A Able Tree Care A Able Tree Care
A Able Tree Care